Hashimshony Engineering is a professional mechanical development house that provides clients with fast, expert one-stop solutions. From conceptual design, prototype development, design to cost production services, we are able to deliver program management and manufacturing coordination from the initial to the pre-mass phase.

From idea to reality
Our innovation, practical outlook, extensive experience & quick turnaround can take your idea through to manufacturing with optimized value and cost.

Key success factors:

Leaders in production solutions
Our team of professionals will provide you with a one-stop practical solution for any of your production needs. From definition through to a finished product arriving at your desk - we will customize our services to meet your requirements.

Hashimshony Engineering offers established companies, start-ups and inventors services that are customized for each client’s needs. Major industry specific challenges target: agricultural, fuel cell technology, consumer, infrastructure pipes & fittings, security & military, medical, automotive, environment friendly, recycling, jigs, laboratory & assembly devices.